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In most of primary schools in northern Nigeria overcrawdness is one of the problems that makes learning not suitable, a classroom that can contain twenty pupils will be filled with more than one hundren pupils or even two hundred pupils in some schools. As a result of that it will be difficult for a teacher to control the class, there for some of the pupils will end up playing instead of learning, and if the teacher is not well qualified he/she will be confused of the method to be apply in such class, the pupils will end up knowing nothing but wasting their time of primary school going age.
The education most especially the primary education which is the basic,  need a maximum support and contribution by both the government and everybody living in Nigeria. Even those outside Nigeria that are always willing and ready to contribute to education especially in African countries where education is veryweak. Most of the children that are of primary school going age are not going to school because their parents must have to spend alot before taking them to school which supposed to be free. And even those that struggle to take their children to the school, the children end up knowing nothing because the public basic schools are just their without comfortable learning environment and well qualified teachers. Most of the N.C.E. And graduate teachers don't want to teach in primary schools, because the primary sector is not as important as any other educational sector, governments pay very little amount of money as salary, as a res…